Back Acne Solutions

Around puberty some teenagers will have an outbreak of acne on their backs. The acne in this area is usually caused by sweat, consumption of fatty foods, stress, and the production of too much sebum from the sebaceous glands. Many health experts believe that back acne can be worsened by heavy backpacks that children are required to wear during the school hours. However, this has not been proven.

There are certain steps that people can take in order to treat back acne. Those who suffer from a mild version of back acne can use a topical 10% benzoyl peroxide cream or gel. Before applying the cream you will need to wash your back thoroughly with an anti bacterial cleanser. These specific cleanser should be made for the face and use Cetaphil. Do not use regular soap as this might make the problem worse.

After the skin has dried you should apply the back acne benzoyl solution to the area. Many of these are over the counter – but you may need more effective products that can be prescribed by your doctor. Let the back acne solution dry. For better results use benzoyl peroxide with a alpha hydroxy treatment. Alpha Hydrox Enhanced lotion is one of the best products.

Trying to find a solution for severe cases of back acne is harder to do. It is best that you speak with your personal physician or dermatologist. They can inspect the acne and determine the best course of action that will help to control it. Until then you can try to prevent outbreaks using special exfoliate scrubs.