Natural Acne Solutions

For some people getting rid of their acne requires them to purchase many different products from the health store that specialize in removing and clearing up acne. Others are forced to use medicated acne solutions for some of the more extreme cases. But some of us are lucky enough to use natural acne solutions to help remove the problem and clear our skin.

Acne is caused when the sebaceous glands fill the pimples with pus. The bacteria from this pus will spread and cause the acne to spread over the entire area. One way to help prevent the bacteria from spreading to other areas is to keep the area clean. It may not remove the acne completely – but it could help to reduce the severity of it. Make sure to keep your face thoroughly clean even if you are using special acne cream.

Instead of purchasing many types of medications and products to keep the sebaceous glands from producing an exorbitant amount of pus try eating the right types of foods. Having a healthy diet of foods that have a large amount of vitamin A and B will help to control your hormones and reduce the production of the pus. The best foods to eat are vegetables, carrots, sweet potatoes, rice, corn, berries, apricots, spinach, and cereals.

Not only should you eat the right foods – but you should stay away from the ones that are going to do more harm than good. Diary products, caffeine, acid in meats, and cooked carbohydrates will cause your body to produce an additional amount of toxins in your body that will cause you to break out. Try to trim the amount of these foods that you eat and even cut a few out completely.

Your hormone and stress levels can cause you to break out severely. In order to avoid this you need to learn how to control your stress levels and keep your life organized and balanced. Try to use different relaxation techniques that will help to soothe your mind and keep you focused on positive thoughts. Yoga and other forms of exercise are a great way to not only stay in shape – but to release everything that is bothering you.